For the bicep armour it was back to the straight soil pipe as this was a good base to work off. I drew up plans of the shape of the armour; with slots for straps and from detailing, then stuck this to the soil pipe, then applied a layer of none stick film over that. A solid plastic edge was stuck on over the plan, then fibreglass applied to give the proper shape.When the fibreglass was set, filler was added to smooth out the surface and also add the raised section where the black T bits go. Shaping the raised section proved a very much trial and error affair, till it looked right. There are no really clear shots of this; they are all from varying angles which make it look different depending which way you look from. I got it to the point where I didn't think I could improve on it.
With the master to the point I was happy with it, it was time to mould it. For something this curved a multi part mould was needed so it would come out easily, especially with the recess for the black T bit and the recesses for the straps.In the end I settled for a 40/60 split mould so the join was just off the centre raises section, which made sanding smooth the join line, and buffing it shiny much easier. Really no matter how well the mould is joined, there is always a slight line where the two halves meet. Putting this on the flat made it much easier to remove when finished.