This page shows a few pictures of my elbow armour while being made. Pictures are sporadic at best due to not always having my camera to hand. As I am not so good at sculpting in clay, I tend to make stuff out of fibreglass and filler, sanding and adding or taking away as needed. This means I need a base to start from, and often use plastic pipe of form rough shapes in cardboard.One advantage this does have over clay is it can be left for long periods with not worry about it drying out or deteriorating, and it can also be transported around much easier.
I tend to work on one side first and get it to the point that I am happy it looks ok. To get it looking right I use mirrors and callipers to measure bits to make sure the lines flow properly. This also helps when doing the other side, as measurements can easily be taken and transferred across.When I am satisfied with one side I copy it to the other. This can actually be harder than doing the first side, as it needs to match perfectly. When both sides are done, a bit of final tinkering normally just needs doing to finish it off.