So onto the shoulder armour. At first this did prove a tad tricky as getting the nice smooth curved shape was proving difficult. That was until I found out UK soil pipe 90 degree bends are perfect for this, with just the right curve and width to fit the average should perfectly.The first step was to get hold of a new bend, and wax polish the surface so a fibreglass master could be made. Once set, the fibreglass was removed, leaving a basic shape.Unfortunately I didn't take many photos of this bit being made, it was quite a spur of the moment discovery and by the time I had finished fiddling about then realised I hadn't taken any pictures of the different stages. Bit late then :)
Even with a basic shape to work from, there is still a lot of work that needs doing till it looks right. As the smooth sole pipe side was on the inside, the otuside required several coats of filler and snading to get it smooth and even. once the outside was smooth, the whole thing was put into the oven for ten minutes to ehat the fibreglass up to make it flexible. the lower edge was then flattened just slightly to give it the slight flared edge at the with all things being made form fibreglass, a decent lip on the master means a decent lip on the mould, so it gives a nice smooth edge whan taking a cast. no lip means the edge needs lots of sanding, to get smooth.
These three pictures show the finished shoulder bell. It is bright white, but the lights in the dining room are soft so turn things off white, which is poo for photo taking like this.As you can see the shoulder bell is tapered to the bottom looking from the side and flared out slight looking straight at it. Being fibreglass and not ABS it will hold its shape forever, even if squashed, and if it gets scratch a simple bit of buffing and its shiny again.