Due to my slightly different approach to the 2-3-2 tilting mechanism on my R6 I needed all three feet done so I can work on that in-between other things. So with the outer foot done, I set about the middle foot.
While my centre foot is made to r2 specs, the side detailing is not going to be as their plans have it. When comparing the plans to screen shots from the film, they differ and as I am going for screen accurate, (except the R6 dome) I am altering the plans to match the film used version.
The actually foot stays the same, but the side panels are slightly different, which means the foot can be made from styrene as most of my prototype bits are, then when done a mould will be made, and it will be cast in fibreglass.
With the main part of the foot well under way I set about the half-moon side detail plates. The film used screen shots show a little long section above the half-moon, which matches the outer foot, but the R2 builders plans omit this bit.
Itís not hard to put in, and its really personnel preference, you just need to pay careful attention the side plate layout from the screen shots and get it all placed right before gluing it down.
The last picture shows it just sitting on the centre foot so I could see how it looked. Due to I am still working on how the pivot pin will fit in, nether side has been fixed on yet.
My main problem while making this was how to get the ally pivot pin in place without spoiling the overall look of the foot. I tried several ways, but in end I settled for fixing one side plate in place, and then the other one will attach with screws. This makes attaching and removing it simple enough, while making sure it looks as good as it can.
So with the tricky stuff all done, I cleaned the foot up, and then started to make the fibreglass jacket mould. When the mould is finished and cured properly, it will be taken off the original foot, then cleaned and polished up. This actually takes longer than making the mould, but if itís not done properly, all that work goes to waste, if the first cast sticks to it.
So this is my centre foot finished. I am glad now its done, I decided to alter the side detail to match the ILM version rather than the R2 builders plans. The ILM feet all match as they all have the half moon bit with a bit above, where the R2 builders lacks this strip above. Itís a personnel thing really, but one I am glad I added.
The other bit that was causing me problems was the pivot bar, or rather how to get it in and out. In the end it pushes in from one side, then the side detail plate bolts on covering the hole up. Itís a nice simple design; with alloy bolts imbedded into the side plate so no worry about screws stripping the resin thread.