This is another one of those bits that could be made at any time as it fits into a slot on the main body. There is one at the front which is slightly wider than the two at the back.
This part or parts are made more like a homemade model kit than most of the other bits I have made, in terms of a printed out to scale template is stuck to a sheet of plastic, then the parts cut out and assembled. A quick helpful hint, if you ever need to stick a paper template to anything, use a Pritt stick, as its water soluble and when you have done, just put the part under running water and the paper peals off leaving no mark of residue.
So this was one of the quickest things to make. The template was stuck onto the plastic, and then the parts cut out and stuck together. The part that took the longest was getting the correct curve in the main plate to fit flush against the main body. One of the joys of resin, is it has enough flex that if the curve is not quite right, apply glue and a little bit of pressure and it will fit any curve near what it was made to.
When I made this, I heated the plastic up to bend it, but found it distorted, so a bit of car body filler was needed to get it super smooth again. However I found if the plastic is rolled through my pasta making machine, (I have an old one for working with, donít use the one in the kitchen :) if you apply pressure as it goes in and out of the rollers, it adds a gentle bend over several goes through, meaning heat is no longer required.
So a few shots from different angles, and one just out the mould. For items like this it has to be pressure cast or you get air bubbles trapped in it. no matter what you do, air will still be in there possible running the cast, so by placing it un 60psi of pressure the bubbles are gone for good. This just needs painting with alloy effect paint and it will be done.
This is the finished item. As with anything like this cast in a pressure pot to make sure the cast is bubble free and painted with a semi shiny alloy effect paint. While some people have polished proper aluminium, the ones used in the films looked painted not polished, so in the sprit of keeping things looking as they should be these fit just fine.
With this one finished, I have started on the two slightly narrower ones to go on the back.
The three amigoís, all done. The wider one goes on the front, and the two narrower ones on the back. With these done, and the dome getting there, soon I will have to start on the main body to give me something to fix all my bits I have made to.