This I have to admit, is one of the easy bits to make, mainly as its one bit, used 6 times. The only tricky part is getting the spacing dead on, but thatís just a case of spending a bit of time and being careful.
So this bit I decided to make out of styrene, with a bit of filler, as itís not that tricky to make. I also wanted the slot to go right through and only be blocked off at the very back. To start with I cut some small strips of styrene to shape and glued them together, making sure it was the right width, and leaving a gap for the slot. I then trimmed what would be the centre section, and then added the wider ledge to each side. Leaving me with the proper shape just lacking the angled sides.
Next filler was added, to make the sides the correct angle, and smooth out any gaps or rough bits. It was then sanded smooth and checked against the 1:1 plans I had to make sure all was correct.
Once I was happy with it, I made a mould of the one bit and made six copies, as that is how many is in the strip. When I had all six, as itís important they are all the same height, I clamped them in a vice and milled the bottoms so they would all be identical.
Next it was time to stick them to the base plate. This is the most crucial part, as spacing has to be spot on or they wonít fit the body skins, which have six slots cut in them, for these to poke through.
So I cut the main base section, then using a set of plans, cut five strips of styrene so spacing would perfectly match the all important slots on the body skin.
Starting at one end I stuck the first strip in place using a square to make sure it was straight, and then worked my way along placing, then marking then when I was sure it was right gluing in place. I used slower setting epoxy glue as this would allow for corrections is anything looked out.
Luckily taking my time, and checking each stage, it was fine the first time, so just left to dry overnight.
Once dry a silicon mould was made and the first one cast.
I got some new grey colouring for the resin, so cast them in this. Its actually much better as with this part itís hard to get the paint into the slot, so with grey resin, if a tiny bit is missed inside the slot, it doesnít show.
So last of all the finished item. As you can see from the first picture, the cardboard template is printed from a 1:1 flat plan of the outer skin so you can see they are a perfect fit.
Itís always nice with something like this that is fits perfectly when done. It only needs to be one millimetre out and it all goes to pot, meaning you have to start again.