This is one of those parts I couldn’t find any diagrams or plans for, so it was a bit of trial and error to get right. I suppose as not many people have made an R6 compared to an R2 parts are not so easy to come by for the dome.
I have added an arrow to the first picture to point out the vent I am attempting to make. If you blow the picture up, it looks like a five slat semi open vent that fits flush to the skin.
The first thing to do was calculated size from the outline drawing in the essential guide to droids book, and work out the size on a full size R6. When I was happy with the size, and it also looked right, I set about making the outer frame. As this fits flush, I wanted a little lip so the front could be aligned flush with the dome, while leaving something behind to fix it to the dome with. With the parts cut out, I glued them together using a metal set square so the box turns out square when the glue is dry.
The next job was making the slats. It can be seen quite clearly there are five, but as to interpreting the layout that is down to each person and what they see. What I decided to go with was five fairly flat laying slats overlapping the lower just slightly. This was a cross between how the two front vents are, so I thought it was in keeping.
With the main frame finished and the glue dried, I measured and cut the five slats to fit into it. I first stuck the two ends ones in place, then measured and fixed the other three in place. When the glue has dried all that if left to do is add a bit of filler here and there to make sure there are not gaps along the joins, then make a silicon mould of it.
So with the mould finished the first cast was made. It came out nice and clean and with good detail. Being an opened backed mould the resin is just poured in slowly from one point and this excludes the air from the cast as it runs round.
They just add a coat of primer and a couple of coats of aluminium effect paint and its ready to be attached the main dome. One more bit done, loads left to do.