This is one of those one off make as you go parts, as I not only wanted my R6 to trundle round, but I wanted things to work on it. The periscope being one of the numerous things that will come out of his cone shaped dome.
Unfortunately as it was a work on it when I got a spare mo bit in-between other jobs I donít have a huge amount of pictures as more often than not I just decided to work on it, and no camera was to hand.
So my biggest challenge was no plans for an R6 periscope exist, or none I that I could find. The standard R2 periscope was not going to fit as the segments on the top were wider, so I decided to design my own R6 periscope which would resemble the R2 version, but as the R6 was a newer and had upgrade sensors, be just that bit different.
So the firs thing to do was draw up plans. These are nowhere near as good as the plans you can download, but as I am used to working with rough pencil sketches, they suit me just fine.
Specification was it had to fit within the boundaries of the segment, so it was going to be narrower than the R2 version, and I wanted to mount it on the side, so the whole thing when done would have to turn through nearly 45 degrees to look forwards, and I also wanted it to come up slightly higher to clear the dome.
I used styrene sheet for the main body, and two snap-kit tie interceptor cockpit canopies for the side lenses painted in clear blue paint for effect, and a bit of model aircraft kit for further effect on the back. For the solar panel, I vac formed a section of metal mesh then cast it in clear resin and stuck some tin foil on the back for solar panel effect.
The finished item was a combination of plans and bits I thought looked good at the time. Not having anything to work from means you can be a bit more inventive when making something.
The aluminium parts were just turned from a solid rod, on a sort of as it goes way, with no set pattern or plans drawn up. All I know was I wanted them based roughly on the R2 version.
A couple of different diameter lengths of brass tube were used, and one bent slightly to fit into the base, then two tiny bits of brass were turned to be hose connectors, then silicon hose just run from the top to the bottom. It was more just for looks than anything else, but I was happy with the end results.
The black base bit was made very long as I wanted the periscope to rise upwards via a small motor and gearing, and turn 90 degrees as it went to face the front. To do this I took a length of plastic waste pipe and cut a slot in it, so as the periscope was raised up it would follow the slot via a metal peg, and rotate. It just seemed a much simpler way to do it. While it wonít rotate once up, hopefully the rotating to face forwards as it extends will look ok.
I am also hoping to have a life form scanner, but again this will have to be made as again the R2 wonít fit in the R6 segment, I also plan to have a lightsaber socket, that partially extends to push the handle of my lightsaber I made out, and a motivator tube which can have a replaceable party popper mounted in it, so with the twig of a servo the bit extends up to open the segment, and sets off the party popper.