This part goes with the dome, and I thought it would be quite easy to make, as there are plans for it on builders sites, but they are for an R2 and go with a rounded dome, not a conical one. So while the shape has stayed the same, and the dimensions, the curve has been adjusted to fit the more conical shape of the R6.
I started off with a piece of plastic sheet, cut to the proper R2 radar eye dimensions, and placed it against the cone dome. It was then a case adding the R2 eye parts to the flat piece altering them piece by piece so they not only fitted together, bit looked as close to the R2 one as possible.
Once the main section was done, I added the slot at the bottom. This was just simple lengths of plastic sheet, glued together and a bit of filler added to fill any gaps.
My biggest problem is finding something for the actual lens. I want to mount a small digital camera on a multi axis swing behind it so the droid can be operated via radio control, and you see where you are going oppose to see where the droid is going. Its perhaps a bit ambitious but thought it would much better if you could sit somewhere and drive off in the droid still knowing where you are going. I was having a sound module with the camera as well so I can also hear what was going on.
As I will only ever make one of these, I want to make it as realistic as I can. With a decent transmitter, a 50 meter range will be safely obtainable which will make the working it much more fun, as people can't see the operator.
The work on this page is ongoing, so the page will be updated as it progresses :)
For the round of the centre section I did try and find a piece of tube the right diameter, but after searching every nook and cranny of my workshop I came up empty handed. My solution to this was turn a disk of wood to the correct size, then form a ring using strips of styrene plastic glued together. To be honest I should have done it in the first place as it came out the perfect size and would have saved a lot of looking.
Once the striped were stuck round the wood, a cylinder clamp was placed round to hold it all in place, then left over night to dry.
A hole was then cut in the main eye piece and the round section stuck in place and a bit of model filler added. It was then sanded smooth, and now I just have to sand the back a bit to get it to fit the rounded shape of the dome.
So with the main part of the radar eye done, I turned my attention the actual eye lens. As I am planning on having a camera mounted behind the lens so it can be driven remotely, the lens has to be clear enough to see through, so a thick resin lens would be to obscure. In the end I opted for turning a solid resin eye on my lathe, then using the sort of vac forming principle but without the vacuum, I made copies of the resin eye in thin plastic sheet.
I cut a piece of wood just a bit bigger than the eye to press the plastic down, then cut a square of thin plastic a bit bigger than the eye, then popped it into my oven for a few minutes on hot, then took it out and laid it over the resin eye, then pressed down with the wooden template to form the eye shape. A few minutes later you have a nicely formed very thin eye lens, that just needs trimming.
As the plastic sheet can be got in lots of colours, it will be trial and error to see what colour looks and can be seen through the best.