When making an R6 or any other R unit, there are a lot of bits to make, and no real order to make them in. yes certain bits need to be made before other bits can be fitted, like the main body and dome are some of the first bits, but having plans available for all the bits, means the minor bits can be made when time allows.
I am also working on the dome but waiting for some smaller router cutter to arrive, so while Iím waiting onto other bits that need doing. That being the Restraining Bolt
So the restraining bolt being one of the more simple things to make, and more a novel extra than anything else, as I had a few spare moments I set about making it. I cast a lump of resin slightly oversize so it could be machine down, so it was nice and perfectly round.
I then flattened off one end and then marked the lines where various cuts would need to be made. As I said not particularly difficult, just a single indent, an angled edge and a bit of recessing in the end.
With the lines marked out, I made a cut, and narrowed the main body down to size. With the main body down to size, I angled the end section, and made the slight indent just near the end.
With the main body detail done I turned my attentions to the end of it. While fiddly to do not particularly hard, and after swapping cutters around a few times, I had the end neatly looking like the plans I downloaded.
After a final bit of sanding with very fine sandpaper, I cut the nearly finished restraining bolt from the main block, and added a bit of filler to fill in the tail stock support pin hole. A further bit of sanding finished it off ready to go in the mould.
My next predicament was I wanted this to be a working restraining bolt. No point having one if it wonít stick to a R2. However as most R2ís are fibreglass or alloy a magnet is not going to stick, so an alternative plan was needed. I came up with using a super strong magnet recessed into the resin, and another super strong magnet stuck on the inside of the droids case out of sight. That way the restraining bolt will attach whether it is made form fibreglass or aluminium.
The bolt is cast, then a hole machined in the back for the magnet, which is fixed in place so it won't pull out. (These are very strong magnets.) The actual restraining bolt is made of resin mixed with alloy powders, so it comes up slightly shiny and more the worn alloy look than brand new just buffed alloy.