So after many years of sitting in the loft gathering dust, prompted by a few visits to the local boating pond which rekindled that model boating urge, and now with enough spare time on my hands to finally finish it, out it came.
First to go was the dull black hull, which was originally hammerite as thatís all I had at the time and it was to be replaced with a sort of crimson red. My first job was to remove the old hammerite so with blow torch in hand off it came. It then needed a bit of filling and sanding to get nice and smooth but after spending years working on cars, something this small was a doddle.
Next a coat of high build primer was sprayed and left to cure. This being very thick covered any remaining marks, and once sanded down with fine wet and dry abrasive paper, it was super smooth and ready for the top coat.
The top coat looked great on the tin lid, but once on it was not really the colour I had hoped for, but neither the less it was clean and shiny so would be ok.
At this point with advancements I had made into the world of casting my own stuff and making stuff from scratch, I decided to add a few more details, in the form of brass prop guard and bit that sticks out the front I am unsure of what itís called. I also made a sort of guard to go round the back to protect it should it ever rub against the boating pond side, as the back bits being made from MDF would soon wear away. I also made and cast some better looking port holes, which instead of just being plastic bungs had proper rims and rivets to them. In fact they turned out so well, I decided to add a couple more in the actual hull; I was so please with them.
I also made some railings; or rather one railing then made a mould and cast them in white metal. I also made a bollard and rope cleats which were also cast in white metal. One of the joys of casting things, is you need only ever make one; they just mould and copy it.
It was at some point around this stage, I actually decided with my progression in skills, I could actually add a lot more detail, turning this from just a plain old model boat into a proper miniature as it would be classed, with all the detail a full size boat would have.
And so it begins as they say.