So this is how it looked when I had nearly finished it the first time. If I had the time to spare back then, this is what it would have looked like. While I wanted to build a boat and had the basic skills to do it, I never knew quite what to build, or what I wanted it to look like when done. I suppose I had lots of ideas, but really lacked the knowledge and experience to coherently put them all together.
The top control deck in design was inspired by the boat in Jaws, but I wanted mine to be a bit longer so added the back section with railings round it. I also wanted a main cabin with additional internal steering controls for use in bad weather. A small seating area was also added at the back of this cabin section, but I also still wanted a separate decked area at the back. Last of all I wanted some kind of boarding area, in the form of grilled or grated sections at the very back.
These are just a few close up shots of various areas. The top deck was going to be a fine weather steering and sitting area. The back section was going to be a engine cover with vent box and additional decking. Steering was a simple brass rudder plate, found on most boats, and power would have been a 6v decaperm motor, as this was the most widely used back then.
One of the things back then was the lack of well detailed fittings. The only ones I could get locally were Billings and they were rather crude and basic in design and finish. With the internet barely started what there was were chat rooms and online shopping was almost none existent, so I had to rely on magazines and phone calls to find the bits I needed.
I think people now days take the internet for granted being able to find and buy just about anything they want, plus ask other people for advice and help on doing stuff. The advice is so useful, as if you donít know it, someone out there will.