The actual life belt was a bit I had knocking around from years ago, but seeing some of the belts around in that period my ship was from they had rope attached to them, so wound a bit of course rigging line round the four points just to finish it off.
At first I was just going to use it on its own, then I found through looking at older pictures of boats, lifebelts used to hang on a bracket on the wall of the ship and have a length of rope attached to them, so I set about copying it.
The back of the bracket was simply a bit of styrene sheet cut down to size. The belt hanger was two thinner bits of styrene stuck together while being held bent, so the belt sits nicely in place on it. The two posts the rope is wrapped round are again styrene rod cut and glued into place.
Once finished a mould was made of both bits and a cast made. As the lifebelt had finer detail in it, it has to be pressure cast to avoid air getting trapped in the rope sections.
Once cast they were painted the traditional red and white sections, then the rope was attached to the lifebelt and bracket, then the belt stuck to the bracket with superglue. To finish them off I added the name of my boat, by using print yourself decals.
These parts are for sale in resin.
A pack conatining belt, rope and bracket is 2
Post and packing is 1.50 for the first item then .50p for each item thereafter.