When I started to restore a boat it needed a couple of cabin doors on it, but all I could find to buy were the steel water tight pressure door type thing used on warships and lifeboat etc, not really suitable for a private cabin cruiser style boat, so I set about making one.
Itís quite simple in construction, just a thin piece of ply cut to scale, then a boarder added round the edge to act as the door frame. I didn't sand or fill the piece of wood as when moulded I wanted the grain of the wood to show through. The door handle was just a spare rc car ball joint, but looked quite good.
I then made a mould of it in silicon, and luckily the grain in the wood showed up much better than I thought it was going to and once painted it looked just like a proper wooden door.
In the final picture you can see it fitted in place, and looks perfect.
This part is made in resin.
Pack of 1 made is £2
Post and packing: £1.50 for the first item then .50p for each item thereafter.