This part was more of a finishing after thought than a planned part, but after buying one which I found to be quite low in quality as the main section seemed to be made from a wooden dowel and the very course grain showed far too much for scale usage, and also the two sides didn't line up properly I decided to make my own one.
The first job was to find a picture of a suitable life raft, one which would be easy to make, but also look good when finished. I then turned down a rod of tooling resin in the lathe to the correct outer diameter, then added the ribs and rounded either end off.
The next job was to cut it in half to be moulded. While this might seem extreme, it's much easier to turn a cylinder then cut it in half, than try and make only half in the first place.
So with the main raft section finished and ready to mould, I set about making the stand. This was made using styrene sheet and cut with a sharp modelling knife and carefully shaped and glued together.
This part is made in resin.
Pack of 1 complete life raft, comprising of 1 x stand, 2 x raft halves 1 x decal sheet is 4.99
Post and packing: 1.50 for the first item then .50p for each item thereafter.
So with the main raft finished I decided to make and print off some decals to add that finishing touch and so it would look more like the real thing when on the boat.
I then airbrushed the two halves satin white, as spraying always looks better than painting with a brush as you don't get the brush marks when finished. I then found some black fab foam which I cut and added a section between the two halves as the picture I had of the real one seemed to have some sort of rubber seal between the two halves, and it looked much better with it.
Then using some black twine I added the straps the proper on had to just finish it off. It was then stuck in place on my boat, and even if I do say so, it looks quite good when finished.