This is just one of those cosmetic parts which help to finish a scale model off, the oil drum. I did look around to see what was available for a 1:20th scale boat, or any model in fact, but the parts available were few and far between. I did find a guy selling oil drums in this scale, but on receiving one while it was in scale overall the finer detail was out of scale with the rest. It also had a big hole in the base, which wouldn't do as I wanted to lie some down, so I set about making one.
I started off with a length of resin and turned it down to size in my lathe. i then carefully turned down the side to incorporate the top and bottom rims, and the lines round the side. To keep all this in scale, the lines round the side needed to be very fine, while the lip top and bottom a bit thicker, but still neat and crisp looking.
Luckily in my box of old model kits bits, I had an oil cap off of something, which fitted perfectly. Instead of just a round cap, this had proper ribbed sides and a slight recess in the top, which just finished my drum off perfectly.
This last picture shows some of them painted and weathered and fixed in place on my boat.
These parts are for sale.
They come in singles for £2.50
Post and packing: £2 for the first item then .50p for each item thereafter.
Another problem I had with this was as i wanted to have some on their sides laying down, I needed a complete drum cast without the hole in the bottom or a flat sanded bottom from open filling. To solve this problem i made a hole less two part mould which could be partially filled with resin, then rotary cast to give me the finished item I wanted. Itís a far trickier and time consuming way of casting stuff, but it does yield far better results with completely finished end product.