One of the first bits I made was a port hole. While I could find plenty in smaller scales, I could find none in the scale I needed so I set about making one.
Itís quite simply a rod of white resin turned down on the front to replicate the shape and design of the port hole I wanted, then the back was turned down so a lip was left so it could be inserted into the boat while giving a clean inner lip to finish it off. I then found some old used rivet pull studs which had the perfect size caps on them to look like the coach bolts that would have been used to fix these in place.
Obviously I needed quite a lot of these so a mould was made and casting began. As these were being pressure cast there was no worries about adding the bits like rivet heads and thin edge section, as under 80psi of pressure all air is eliminated from the finished cast, making sure these are air bubble free.
Once finished there were stuck in place on doors and other parts of the boat, and painted to match.
These parts are for sale in both resin and white metal.
Pack of ten made from resin are £2.50
Pack of ten made from white metal are £5
Post and packing resin: £1.50 for the first item then .50p for each item thereafter.
Post and packing white metal: £2.50 for the first item then £1 for each item thereafter.