I searched everywhere for a traditional type hand rail to go on a model boat, but the only things I could find were brass type things, and that would look out of place on what I am doing, I decided to make my own.
So basically it was a thin strip of wood that I marked out to look like the type of hand rail I was trying to achieve, and then set about crafting it.
Luckily I have a cable operated dremel type tool, so using one of the many sanding drums that I have to go with it, I made up a simple jig so it would only sand a certain amount off and no more. That way I could take out the recess sections without worrying about going to shallow or deep.
When I was happy with the shape, I gave it a coat of sanding sealer and let it dry them sanded it nice and smooth. So I donít have to make loads from wood, a silicon mould was made so I can make as many as I need relatively easily.
With the mould made I took the first cast to see how it came out. As this was quite a simple item to cast, no problems were predicted, and as suspected the first one came out fine.
Not only did it come out crisp and clean, but the mould had picked up on some of the very fine wood grain, so even through they are resin if you look real close, you can see a wood effect.
I then made a few and painted them in wood coloured paint, and attached them to the boat I am working on.
These parts are made in resin and now come in two lenghts.
Type 1 handrail 13cm long, pack of 2 made from resin are £2.50
Type 2 handrail 16.5cm long, pack of 2 made from resin are £3
Post and packing: £1.50 for the first item then .50p for each item thereafter.