This was the next window i made, after i decided the upper cabin or steering cabin needed larger windows to see clearly out of all round. The small ones I had made first were ok of the lower cabin, but where a more open view was needed, they just looked two small.
They are constructed the same way with the outer lip and inner slice of box just that bit bigger. Using this technique you can make a window of any size to suit your needs quite easily.
Again it was moulded and eight made in total to finish off the upper cabin.
As before once moulded and a cast made, they really start to look as they should, where your eye picks out the detail, not the construction behind it.
Give it a coat of paint and bit of weathering and they fit in a treat.
These parts are for sale in both resin and white metal.
Pack of two made from resin are 2.50
Pack of two made from white metal are 5
Post and packing resin: 1.50 for the first item then .50p for each item thereafter.
Post and packing white metal: 2.50 for the first item then 1 for each item thereafter.