I really made this part as I couldn't find anything else that suited the era I was working to in this scale or the detail I wanted, so I made it.
The main body is made from styrene, the front being a flat frame, and the back a slice of box. The back box section is slightly bigger than the window opening so when the glass was put in place it had something to go up against to look neat and finished.
What would be the coach bolts holding the proper window in place and just used rivet heads, cut down and glued in place.
Parts that are made like this really donít look anything until they have been moulded, when the rough details are taken away and it looks as it is suppose to. You could just make lots of them if you canít mould stuff, but things made from styrene which are glued together are not as strong or durable as solid objects cast in resin.
Finally a coat of paint and a bit of weathering and it looks perfect on my boat.
These parts are for sale in both resin and white metal.
Pack of two made from resin are £2.50
Pack of two made from white metal are £5
Post and packing resin: £1.50 for the first item then .50p for each item thereafter.
Post and packing white metal: £2.50 for the first item then £1 for each item thereafter.