So no predator is complete without his set or wrist blades, so I decided to make a set. I have seen many different ways of making them from cardboard to plastic sheet to MDF, but in the end for practical reasons I opted for resin. It meant they could be quite thin and still strong enough to use, but not strong enough to hurt someone with should you accidently catch them with one.
     I decided to make the prototype out of styrene sheet as itís easy to cut and shape, while being ridge enough to make a good mould from. I also didnít want to just copy the film used blade, but wanted to use those as inspiration and design my own based on those but taking moulding into account. If itís to complicated to mould, it makes the moulding process a real chore, and takes the fun out of making them.
     So I started off making the main body, then the two end blade bits. It was easier this way; as if it had been made all in one it would have made shaping and sharpening the blades sections far more difficult.
    Once I was happy with the overall shape, I set about sharpening the edges, and then using model filler, filling any small holes of marks in them.
     When I was happy with the overall item, I set about making a mould of it. This is in two parts and as resin is going to be poured in from the hilt end, I had to make sure there were no places air could get trapped. While this is always a time consuming job prior to the moulding, it's a very important one if you want clean casts.
     Once the mould was made I cast a few copies and they came out perfectly. Not only are they well details in shape and blade design, but still thin enough to look like proper blades appose to some you see which are over a quarter of an inch thick.
     As you can see they have very clearly defined detail blade wise, while still being nice and thin. Once painted with a shiny silver paint, it makes all the difference as with the sun glinting off them they finish any suit off perfectly.