These are laser shrouds which fit on most bios.  They are quite simple bits, but tricky to make and many bios you buy in online shops or on ebay either donít come with this part, or itís a very poorly detailed bit built into the mask or just loose.

I made one to start with, but people with several bios asked if I did any different ones, hence I made two more.  They both have the same hole dimensions, its just the appearance is slightly different.

The middle one is the original one, then I made the one in the left-hand picture as it looks more like the film used one, then I built the one on the right which was inspired from the Celtic bio, and just varies from the norm slightly.  I now sell these in packs of three, so you get one of each.

This page is really just full of odds and sods as my dear old Nan used to say.  Its bits that I make and use to go with my predator related stuff.  Some bits are what I class as essential, like the laser shroud covers while other bits are more just if you want to be picky when finishing your own stuff off.

I sell most of the bits shown here, mainly as I know some people are not as good at making things as others, so it helps those folk out.

None of us are good at everything, so by doing what you are good at  benefits everyone.


So this is an LED laser shroud kit.  Itís basically a laser shroud drilled out to take three bright red LEDís that when switched on look like the glow from the films.  I did used to make laser setups, but if just being displayed they donít show up as well, and if being used as a wearable costume lasers can be a bit dodgy at conventions or shows if you shine them in someones eyes by mistake.  By using bright red LEDís you get all the effect whether its display or costuem usage, with none of the hazards of lasers. 

To fit this, while it does take longer than just sticking something on the front, carefully cutting a hole to push the shroud housing through allows for it to be aligned correctly with the front of the mask, while still looking neat.

Its operated via two AAA batteries and a switch on the battery box, so bits are kept to a minimum.


The eye mesh is also a vital part of a completed bio, but we have to compromise slightly if the bio is to be worn.  The close up shots in the film of the bio had the eye area in a sort of mesh but with shiny finish.  This is fine for display only, but if wearing to conventions and other events, this is not practical unless you want to walk around all day bumping into stuff.

This is a very fine alloy mesh which gives a good appearance if looked at, but also allows the wearer to see where they are going.  If its going in a wearable bio, then just place it over the eye area, whether its s single eye slot like in AVP, or the two separate eye sockets like in P1 and P2, and fix in place.  There are lots of glues you can use, but I find hot melt glue the best as in the event the mesh gets damaged, you can with a little persuasion get it off with not to much hassle.

If this is going on a display only mask then a cunning plan to get that more film look, if you have a hot laminator, you cut the mesh to size, then laminate in one of those hot pouches, and it looks far more film like.  If you want to go one better use auto window tinting film in light smoke and stick a piece of that to the pre shaped mesh before laminating it.


Useful tip.  As you really donít want to buy a whole roll of window tinting film for one bio,  ring up an auto window tinting company and ask them if they can send you a couple of samples so you can decided on what shade to have.  Most will send fairly large off cuts they would normally discard, most far larger than you need for the eye mesh.

One of the other not so noticed but still important parts of a bio helmet is the air (or whatever they breathe) feed pipes. In the film it looks like some sort of braided pipe, possible they made a mould of a piece of stainless brake hose or something along those lines and cast it in silicon or some other material that was more flexible.  Either way finding something like that suitable and at a reasonable price is not that easy so I found some semi clear silicon hose which does the job just fine.

It can be used as it is, or I found if you get very course dress makers braid, you can thread that through and it gives a braided effect when looking real close.  You can also thread different coloured braid through if you have a custom bio you want to look slightly different, or just leave it be.