As a finishing touch I added a side mounted lifting hoist to my truck, then decided it needed something the other side to act a counter balance if it were real.
     After looking through various 4x4 websites I came across a ground anchor, and decided it would not only be a good addition to my truck but could be used as a means of a counter balance, so was quite appropriate as well.
     There hardest part was finding a version that would be fairly easy to make, but more importantly cast clean and easily. Finally I came across a picture of one, while not quite the same as the majority I found, was perfect as not only was it a quite a simple design, but looked like it would cast ok as well.

       This was actually one of the nicer bits to make, as most of it was made using off the shelf styrene strip, so no fancy machining, cutting or sanding was needed.
     Then main frame was simple styrene box section cut and glued together. In one end went a flat length which would be drilled on the final cast, to be the towing eye.
     The blade was a piece of styrene sheet cut and shaped, then carefull bent just slightly and then glued in place.
     As you can see the finished item cast in pewter actually looks quite authentic as it is, looking very similar to galvanised steel.
This part is for sale.
Pack of one ground anchor cast in pewter is 4.99
Pack of one ground anchor cast in resin is 2.49
Post and packing: 2 for the first item then .50p for each item thereafter.