With my blazer nearing completion I decided it was time to add some finer detail to it, the sort of thing that just finishes it off.
     Actually sourcing some decent scale chain was the hardest part as there is plenty of small link chain around, but most of it looks out of scale when placed next to the truck. Eventually I found some thick link chain, which looked just right, so I then set about making the hook.
     I based the hook on the resin one I make as it's the right scale, only this one I wanted to have more a rounded look, plus I also wanted a loop in the end for the chain to fit onto.
       I make these in with both black and silver chain, as the black looks better on most used looking vehicles, while the silver looks much better if you have a Hi-lift as it has lots of chrome on it already so it's more in keeping.
     I can also supply these in longer lengths if needed, just drop me an e-mail with your desired length on it.
These parts are for sale.
A 12" lenght of chain in either silver or black with a hook on each end is 3
Post and packing: 1 for the first item then .50p for each item thereafter.