As my truck was made to look like a long distance explorer type truck, I thought it only prudent that it would carry some spare parts with it, and therefore came up with the wooden crates.
     It's quite simple in design, but once painted and some decals applied really finishes the truck off well.
This part is for sale.
Pack containing one small crate is 2
Post and packing: 2 for the first item then 50p for each item thereafter.
  Luckily I have a miniature table saw which makes cutting lots of bits to wood to the same length easy, and is a really plus when making things like this.
     To start with I cut bits of wood to a set length for the sides and front, wanting a slightly rectangular box they were cut accordingly.
     Then using a fixed square, I glued two bits together, then when dry glue both halves together making a box.
     Once the box is made I then cut some more bits for the top and bottom and after sticking those together they were stuck as one bit on the top and bottom.
     I then added the thinner wooden strips to just finish it off.