The exhaust box was really an after thought, but something that just finishes the back end off. (Also all vehicles have them so why not a scale model one.)
     This was not so much lots of hard work as finding the bits that would be good to use. The exhaust pipe outlets are actually wheel spacers from my old skates, and the main body is a brass funnel from a box of model ship fittings.
     Now on there own these bits would be nothing special but a bit of imagination and time later they come together quite well. The first thing was to cut in styrene two end plates to finish the box off. The rear one was pressed in just slightly to give that lip that all exhaust boxes seem to have where the sides are rolled over the ends to hold it in place.
     With the ends sorted, the two spacers were glued in place, then the inlet pipe was a short length of styrene tube. Again a mould was made only this one was in two parts for ease of getting the finished cast out.
It seems no matter how odd it may look while being made, once cast in resin it looks just as its suppose to.
     When cast, this was made to go on either side, on its own or as a pair. I painted mine in aluminium effect silver point, then dirtied them up a bit to look like they had been on the truck a while, not forgetting to add the black soot round the outlets.
This part is for sale.
Pack of one rear exhaust box 2.50
Post and packing: 1 for the first item then .50p for each item thereafter.