While not one the more important parts, neither the less a fire extinguisher is found on most 4x4's so was another bit I wanted on mine.
     The main body I have had for ages, but cannot remember what it was off. It was a tad worst for wear, so needed a bit of filler here and there to fix it. The next job was to replace the nozzle bit to look more like a modern fire extinguisher, and then build a mounting bracket round it. This was just a piece of styrene strip for the back and base, with a small lip at the front as proper fire extinguisher have this. It has sort of arms round it nearer the top which on a life size one are sort of sprung to allow easy removal from the bracket, while still holding it tightly in place.
     Once finished as with the other bits a silicon mould was made, and a cast taken.
     When the resin had cured, the cast was taken from the mould, and inspected. Part of the moulding process is to make sure the cast object can not only be filled easily with resin, but also avoids trapping air in the mould at the same time. Air bubbles are a real pain, and if you hastily make a mould of something without putting much thought into the casting process nine out of ten times you find air in the finished product.
     However this was quite a simple object to work with, and with the exception of the nozzle and arm bits quite straight forward to cast.
     With the freshly made cast, the next job was to paint it. The fire extinguisher body was red, (obviously) and the top and bracket done in black as this seems the most commonly recognised colour scheme used today. Then just stick in place, in this case to my roll cage.
These parts are for sale.
Pack of two resin fire extinguishers on mounting bracket 2.50
Post and packing: 1 for the first item then .50p for each item thereafter.