This was not a part I was planning to make, but someone asked me if I would have a go and as they supplied pictures and measurements, I said I would have a go.
     There were several pictures of different types of cells, so I picked one that was not only a fuel cell, but one that had a support frame around it, for a bit of added detail. This also meant when done it would not be as high, and would look like it was sitting in a recess.
     To start with I drew up simple plans on a bit of paper, then cut the bits out of styrene and started gluing them together. The base is just four sides with bracing bits in the corner, while the top section is just a flat piece that overlaps the base round the sides slightly.
   With the main base done, I set about adding the support frame and detail bits. the support frame is just square styrene box section cut to fit round the base, with two additional struts across the top, as per the one in the picture I was given.
     Next onto some of the finer detail bits which is the two plates on top of the tank which have the fuel inlet and outlet pipes on them. On the full size one the plates are bolted on, but as I couldn’t find any bolts that size, I used a technique from model boat making, to add a riveted effect. While not quite as nice as proper bolts heads, it looks better than leaving it plain and once cast and painted will look better far better.
This part is for sale.
Pack containing a complete winch £4.99
Post and packing: £1.50 for the first item then £1 for each item thereafter.