This is the first of the parts for my trailer and something any adventurer of off road explorer would never be without. The good old calor gas cylinder for heating your meals and making that all important pot of tea when you make camp.
     A fair bit of research was needed prior to making this, as I was trying to get it as close to the real thing as possible.
     The basic shape was turned on my lathe to give me somewhere to start from, then when done I set about adding the finer detail to it.
     The proper one does have a fluted bottom, but it would never have come out well when cast, so I had to settle for the solid bottom.
     The top was then turned and hollowed out to match the proper one as best i could. I then added the weld which is just a line of fibreglass gelcoat which is nice and thick dobbed round the side to simulate the join.
This part is for sale.
Pack of one resin gas cylinder with metal valve and white decals 3.49
Post and packing: 1.50 for the first item then .50p for each item thereafter.
     With the main body half done, I set about making the valve to go in the top. This was quite small and had a fair bit of detail in it so casting in resin would have meant it would be hard to get air bubble free, so I opted to cast it in pewter.
     I then set about removing the section from the top to give access to the valve, then rounded the bottom off to look like the real version.
     To keep the weight down this is hollow cast, but complete from all angles so whether they are standing up of laying down they are complete to look at.
     The decals are printed via laser printer to clear decal paper then white film applied to the surface to make them white. This I have found is the best homemade way of getting white transfers. Then it's just a case of painting and weather in it to look authentic.
     These come with decals for both butane and propane so you can paint the cylinder either red or blue pending which gas you want to use.