After getting my blazer out the loft I found several of the hub caps had split. Perhaps it was due to me over tightening them and perhaps age. However after searching everywhere for replacements I could only finding CNC machined ones which were far more expensive than I want to pay for such a small part, so I decided to mould the good ones I had left and make me some new ones.
    They are an exact copy of the originals as I just made a mould of one of those, to cast more off of. However I had to make a jig to drill the back out as the recess is in two depths to allow the front hub to lock and unlock.
     I decided to make the back ones in just black resin and the front ones black with a red centre cap to simulate the lockable diff cap. Not the most impressive part on the car, but one that just finishes it off.
These parts are for sale.
Pack of two front hub caps with red centres 2.50 Pack of two plain black hub caps 2
Post and packing: 1 for the first item then .50p for each item thereafter.