This wasn't one of those parts I hadn't thought of making till I come across it while looking through a real 4x4 website, and thought providing I could get it to cast cleanly with lots of detail it would be a good item to make.
   I found a real hi-lift jack i liked the look of, so started to scale it down to 1/10th scale, but taking into account this would have to be cast so made a few adjustments as I went.
     The main stay is a length of styrene 'I' beam, and using my milling machine carefully drilled out the holes in it, making sure each one was in line and spaced the same.
This part is for sale.
Pack of one hi-lift jack cast in pweter is 7.49
Post and packing: 1.50 for the first item then .50p for each item thereafter.
     With the main shaft finished, I started on the foot. As I couldn't see the underneath I went with a grippy type bottom, as I thought it not only looked better than just leaving it plain, but if it was real would give much better grip on slippery surfaces.
     With the bottom flat part done, I then glued the upright to the flat foot and set about adding the support section to each corner.
     I then started on the lifting mechanism as this needed several modifications from the real one so it would cast cleanly without have places air could get trapped in.
     Once done a mould was made from high temperature silicon so it could then be cast in pewter. I opted for this over resin, as the thinner parts would be much stronger, being only thin.
So here you have the finished cast item painted blue, just to show the detail up better, but they can be painted whatever colour you want, to either match a real production one, or your truck.