Another thing you tend to see on 4x4's is a spare jerry can with fuel in it. Thinking this would also look good on a scale truck, I set about making one. Luckily I come across a jerry can off another rc car, the holiday buggy. While this had a jerry can it was only half as it fixed onto the side, but it gave me somewhere to start.
     First thing to do was build the other side, so the top was finished as a proper jerry would be, not the half a can off the other buggy. The next thing to do was add a proper miniature fuel cap, which I had off another model kit, and then I started on my mounting bracket.
     This not only needed to look good but needed to be quite simple for moulding and casting. I settled for a simple cut away front design, similar to what I had seen in magazine for proper off road vehicles. It was made from styrene as this is easy to glue and work with, and the strap is just a thin length of styrene again bent and glued in place.
    Again as with so many of these smaller detail pieces painting is everything if you want it to look good. Try and keep away from bright colours if you want it to look older, and avoid gloss paint and go for satin which gives a far better finish appearance wise. The truck body shell is fine in nice glossy paint, but you find doing the accessories tends to look off for some reason.
I painted mine with Humbrol enamel, and sued gunmetal for the stand, one of the many camouflage greens for the main can, and leather brown for the strap, oh and black for the cap. I then dry brushed the edges with very light matt gray. This just gives it the worn effect, while at the same time highlighting the edges. Dry brushing is not hard; you just dip a thin brush in some light grey paint in this case, then wipe most of it off on a bit of paper towel. Then carefully you brush across the edge from side to side and this applies small amounts of paint in a non repeating pattern. Its more trial and error than anything, but worth experimenting with as the finished item looks much better.
This part is for sale.
Pack of one jerry can on mounting bracket 2.50
Post and packing: 1 for the first item then .50p for each item thereafter.