Although most real trucks have winches, they also have ropes for towing other vehicles as well as tying round trees and stuff to pull themselves out if they ever get stuck. To this end I set about making a selection of towing ropes.
     I did one with hooks on each end, as this can be used to tow another truck from towing hook to towing hook, and two towing ropes which can be attached via a shackle, or towing post similar to the towing plate and post I also make.
     All three items use a course twist nylon twine, which is perfect for 1:10th vehicles and looks perfect when placed on a scale truck.
       While all three wouldn't really ever be needed on one truck I made them all to give people the choice so they could chose the best one for their truck.
These parts are for sale.
A 12" long towing rope with hooks on each end and either ed of yellow ends is 2.50
A 12" long towing rope with eyes fitted on each end with either red or yellow ends is 2.50
Post and packing: 1 for the first item then .50p for each item thereafter.