This was one of the parts someone asked me if I was going to make. I had thought about it but up until that point had put much planning into it. I then looked into what it entailed and found it was not one of those parts I could make in a spare moment, it needed to be made on my milling machine so the grooves and holes were inline.
     My prototype was made from a piece of acrylic sheet, as this could then be bigger than I needed so it was easy to fix down onto the milling bed. The next job was to mark out all the holes, groves and make sure it was spaced evenly. With that done, I set about machining the grooves into the middle area and outer edges. At this point I didnít want to go right the way through on the edges as that would be cut off later.
     The holes took the longest time to do as each one had to be firstly drilled then counter sunk slightly to give the effect the stamped alloy ones have you can buy for proper off roading.
     When all the grooves and holes were done, it was taken off the milling bed, and using a modelling bench saw it was cut to size.
     Once a mould had been made I cast one to see how it came out. Being so thin it had to be cast in one of my more durable resin to prevent it getting broken or damaged.
     Again painting is an important part, and for this I used aluminium effect paint, but firstly using fine'ish sand paper drew the paper from one end to the other lightly to give the effect of brushed aluminium. Then when the paint is applied, the slight scratch marks show giving the desired effect.
These parts are for sale.
Pack of two resin sand ladders £3.50
Post and packing: £1 for the first item then .50p for each item thereafter.