This was one of those parts some of the newer rc trucks come with but all the old ones lacked. Wanting it to look as authentic as I could get it, much studying was done to get the length, width and finer detail right.
     The prototype was made out of styrene sheet, acrylic rod, and vac formed styrene detail sheet.
First I built up the basic shape of the front and back, paying special attention to where it needed to fix onto the truck. With that part of it sorted, i took the acrylic rod and heated it up gently and then bent it to shape. This was the tricky part as heat it up to much and the clear acrylic rod starts to bubble. Donít heat it up enough and then itís not pliable enough and doesnít bend cleaning. Alas it took me several attempts to get it right, as in several cases the rod bent fine one end, but went wrong the other.
     The last job was to put the finer detail in, in this case the vac formed tread plate. I had to buy this and it was very expensive for the size of the sheet, so I had to make sure it was right the first time.
    With the prototype finished a two part mould was made, and a cast made. I was actually very pleased with the first pull, as the tread plate detail came out very crisp and bubble free. Against the current white body of my truck it doesnít show up to well, but as the truck will be painted the black and silver will show up once finished.
These parts are for sale.
Pack of two resin side bars £7.49
Post and packing: £1.50 for the first item then .50p for each item thereafter.