So with the chains sorted out I set about making a few straps to hold stuff down on the roof rack of my Blazer.
     I had seen scale straps for sale in a scale 4x4 site, and while they were very well detailed, they were a fixed length, not really suitable for what I wanted so I set about making my own.
     The hook was made by bending and soldering a short length of brass wire, then a mould was made of that and a cast was taken using lead free pewter.
to make it adjustable the strap is fixed at one end, but the other goes through a buckle, then round the hook then back through the buckle so it can be adjusted and pulled tight over whatever it's got to hold down.
       The adjustable strap is fine for things like jerry cans, but when it comes to boxes, something a bit fancier was needed, and for this I made a four hook elasticated strap.
This is two lengths of elastic with a hook at each end and is joined in the middle via a rubber ring. This allows any shape or size box to be held down securely as well as it looks in keeping with carrying stuff on a scale truck as well.
These parts are for sale.
A 12" long adjustable strap is 2
A 4" four hook elasticated strap is 2
Post and packing: 1 for the first item then .50p for each item thereafter.