This part was an afterthought, which came about after seeing some really well made trailers, and decided it was something that would look good with my blazer.
     I did contemplate just going to a normal ball and socket but these have there limitations when it comes to off road, so I opted for a towing plate, with fixing post, this way it allows far more sideways movement, plus if the pickup on the trailer turns, allows for more freedom of movement.
     The main plate was made from thick styrene sheet, then a mould was made and it was cast in lead free pewter. This was chosen as it's stronger and harder than most other white metals, and as it contains no lead it perfectly safe to handle.
    With the main part finished, I found the best method for making a towing post was a simple length of brass rod. The gap is designed so the post can't just come out unless it's tilted forwards as it's too long.
There is no proper way to fix this, but I drilled and tapped by steel bumper to take the M3 bolts and this seems nice and strong.
This part is for sale.
Pack of one metal towing plate with towing post and two M3 fixings 4.99
Post and packing: 1.00 for the first item then .50p for each item thereafter.