I only intended to make one of these to go just behind the seats of my blazer, but after changing the look from custom road pickup to more an off road adventured type vehicle, I found my original one looked out of place. I actually sold the JCB Truck Vault on ebay and found there was quite lot of interest in these so after making myself a replacement for my truck I set about making a few more to sell.
     Each of these is handmade, not cast from a mould so they tend to vary in design, as I pick different versions to make, while the same basic construction applies to all.
     Once I have worked out what I am going to make, I scale it down to 1:10th then set about cutting out the necessary bits to make it.
     While it's only really a simple box it does need to be quite strong so plenty of bracing is used during construction. Once the box is made the various details need to be added to make it look like the real life version. This can be from simple things like the hinges and handles right down to the lid and locks on it, all these things are important if it's to look right.
     Lastly the decals need printing off as these are what really finish it off.
While I do make and sell these from time to time on ebay, if you want one and have something specific in mind drop me an e-mail and include as much info on it as you can and the dimensions you want it made to.
However being handmade these don't work out as cheap as the other bits, but then you are getting a custom built box.
     The first picture here shows the finished version of the one in the above pictures that was being made. It's really the paint and transfers which turn it from a simple plastic box into a proper finished 1:10th scale item.
     The middle picture shows the one I originally made for my blazer, but sold and then made the replacement which is the last picture.
     I added all the various car related stickers to as I'm one of those people that pick up stickers from shows and events, then need to stick them somewhere.
     While not important, being all in scale they do add detail to it.