As with all car related things the wheels are very important so no exceptions on RC cars. Now the blazer comes with fairly small wheels as standard with small rims, so when I first got it, I bought some bigger tyres and made alloy rings to increase the size of the tyre that could be fitted on the stock rims.
     However now you can buy bigger rims made from CNC alloy, but so far I can only find these in the US to fit the blazer and postage and import duty tend to make them more expensive than I wanted to pay.
     My solution to this was to make my own. The problem with this is the blazers unique wheel fixing points which nothing else seems to share, so a bit of thought was needed prior to making them.
   To start I bought a basic set of 2.2 rims so dimensions for fitting all available 2.2 tyres were correct. I then filled the centre with resin, so it could be machined out to fit the blazer hub setup.
     As I was using a bigger tyre than standard I wanted to offset the wheel further out. This meant the mounting plate in the hub needed to be nearer the back than front. I also decided to make the mounting plate slightly thicker to give more support to the larger tyres and the strain they will put in this point.
     It was then a case of deciding what the final look of the hub would be like once finished. I went for a slightly chunkier look, partly as these are big tyres so I felt skinny hubs might look a tad odd, and also as they will be cast in resin, all be it high impact resin, resin is still not as strong as alloy in thin sections.
     With the basic idea of what I wanted I set about turning the hub. What I ended up with was part design and planning, and part ad hock as I went, but I was really happy with the finished item.
These are available to order, but unlike the normal bits these need to be stronger all round so they require a different resin. Please contact me to find out if I have the resin to make them.
Also due to being pressure cast, allow 7 days once ordered.
   With the rim all finished I then decided to add an extra support bit on the back to help cope with the extra strain of the larger tyres on the offset rims. This involved putting the blazer hub in place in the back of the rim and poured quick set resin round it to form a snug jacket.
     As you can see from the pictures the wheel hub now fits precisely into the back of the rim, spreading the load and taking some of the strain off the three small fixing bolts.
   With the hard work done, as the blazer wheels are only fixed on with three wheel bolts, I thought it would look odd so I added three in the in-between gaps to even it up. Then when cast and in place it will look like it attaches with six bolts.
It was then just a case of making a two part silicon mould, and making a few copies. To get the maximum strength out of the resin I pressure cast it at 80psi. This removes any trace of air from the cast, making it stronger than if just let to set on its own, as this gets air trapped in the resin.
Finally a couple of shots with my new masher tyres fitted, just to finish off.