Probably the most common thing you see on any proper off road 4x4 is a winch fitted to either the front of back bumpers, or both. So being such an important piece of kit to get you out of trouble should you get stuck, it seemed a must on any scale truck.
     The main body is made from styrene, cut and shaped to match pictures I found in magazines. There seemed many types of winches and this was not the most common one I found, but it was a simple shape while still looking the part.
     The hook was actually an old Lego one and I just had to sand off the ball joint that was on the end. I then drilled it to take a piece of course string, then glued the string in place. What would be the cable rollers at the front were two length of styrene rod, glued to two bits of sheet, cut and sanded to look like the end plates.
     The cable real was turned on my lathe, then I wrapped course string round it to look like the steel winch cable. While like this is looks like string, when cast the course twists of the string will look like steel cable and a coat of paint will just finish it off.
     When it was finished and I was satisfied with it, I made a silicon mould and set about casting a copy.
     The hook is cast with a bit of string in it, as this make it strong than adding the string later. While this is not designed to pull anything, you donít want bits dropping off when using it.
     As you can see when finished and painted, the plain resin cast is turned into a proper scale winch. The correct choice of colours here is important, and using a proper picture from a magazine helps no end.
     Again have a go at dry brushing the edges as it really brings out the detail and finishes it off.
This part is for sale.
Pack containing a complete winch £2.50
Post and packing: £1 for the first item then .50p for each item thereafter.