This winch is smaller than the other one I made, as I added a hoist arm to the side of my truck and wanted a smaller remotely controlled type winch to operate it.
        It was based on a picture I found on a real 4x4 truck site, and after making a few simple plans, I set about making it.
     What would be the motor housing and cable winding parts were turned on my lathe, then nylon cord glued and wrapped around the winder section to look like proper cable when cast.
     The main body is simply styrene sheet cut and glued together, then the other two bits glued into place. The hook is the standard hook I make, and remote control unit is simply two bits of styrene stuck together again, and a couple of washers with dobs of resin on top to form the up and down bottoms.
When finished it will be joined to the winch with a length of black wire.
This part is for sale.
Pack containing a complete winch 2.50
Post and packing: 1 for the first item then .50p for each item thereafter.
     This is just a picture of it finished and fitted to my truck. Once painted and weathered it looks really good especially with the remote control attached to it.