So while there is not a huge amount you can do to change the door handles, because certain things need to stay the same for mounting and operating the locks, I set about making it smoother and more streamline looking, but adding and rounding bits off here and there at the same time.
     Also because of where it fits onto the door, I found I could only extend the end of the handle a small amount or it would hang over the edge, so to get the shape I wanted I had to grind away some of the metal near the push button, then reshape it to what I wanted it to look like. 
10-mini-home-link.gif 10-mini-index-link.gif
     As you can see from the above pictures, I reshaped both ends and just made the bit you slide your hand round a bit more rounded each end, then once done as two are needed I set about making a two part mould so I could cast some to see which resin was best to use, then test a couple till they broke to see how strong they were.
     I ended up on a slow setting high impact resin, reinforced with carbon fibre strands, which strengthen the resin by making it more flexible and less prone to breaking if hit or knocked during its everyday use. 
     I used black colouring in the resin as I wanted mine painted sparkly black when done, plus I also wanted to embed tiny yellow LED's behind the handle so at night when the lights were turned on the handles would glow, which doesn't do anything useful, except look good.
     In all honesty when fitted most people are hard pushed to see their different, but they are just slightly, plus they weigh only a fraction the old metal ones did.
Not the most useful or needed part to make, but I had some time to spare, so had nothing to lose, plus it makes my mini just that bit different to the next, once again.