I love making things and normally do them by hand, but this just seemed the next step. Well it was this or a 3d printer, but I found the cheaper 3d printers didn't really give great results finish wise, so decided to opt for a cnc router and see about a 3d printer in a few years when the cheaper home ones have improved a bit.
          However saying that I'm glad now I got the router as it has a much wider usage band in everyday things, and has allowed me to make items more detailed and complicated than I ever could by hand in a fraction of the time, plus its great for making shelfs to fit in odd places, lol.
          So what's this page all about, well prior to getting a router I found to get anything done, the larger companies that operate these machines were really not interested in the hobbyist or mad inventor types and their one off items, and while they would do stuff, even the most simple items cost a fortune, I guess they decided if you wanted it bad enough you would pay. So as I have found many more people have and can use CAD software to design things, but very few have access to a router to get the parts cut out, so I am now offering a simple cutting service.
          This service is aimed at the DIY and hobby type people, that want a single or a few things cut and charges will depend on material and time it takes to do it, as in 2d things are quicker than 3d, so more info can be given when you enquire, and pending what you want.
      To do this you will need to supply a DXF file of the item or items in question, then we can take it from there.
          This is my router. It has a 600 x 900mm cutting bed and a 175mm gantry height. The spindle is water cooled, and on the shelf you can see my novelty reservoir and radiator setup, which was all cut on the router, and is fully plumbed into a dust extractor .
          This is a 1/10th scale bridging ladder which was a combination of 2d and 3d cuts.
      This is the UK R2 builders logo I did for them, and it a good example of a 2d cut in 6mm MDF.
12-cnc-contact.jpg 12-cnc-index001001.jpg